Five Key Takeaways About Cloud ROI

Clouds represent a fundamentally different way to conduct business. Traditional ROI measures may not apply. Over the last couple of years, as cloud computing has drifted into the mainstream of the enterprise, the conversation has shifted from whether to deploy clouds to how to use them strategically and maximize return on investment (ROI). To be sure, clouds present very different … Read More

Sales CRM Set Up: 10 Questions and Answers

etting up a Sales CRM can seem a daunting task. Many people see it as such a scary exercise, that they keep putting it off and end up not starting to work with a Sales CRM. And that is a big shame, because really it should not have to be that complicated. What follows is a short checklist of things … Read More

Is TCO Still Relevant in the Cloud?

There are some who would say that total cost of ownership (TCO) is no longer relevant.  After all, information technology is now firmly grounded in a service management mode, and cloud billing is based on “pay-as-you-go” by level of resource consumed. TCO was the norm in the days when capex spending involved multi-year commitments. Today’s IT’s strategy is to provision … Read More

Recruiting IT Pros Harder Now

Recruiting T Pros now is much more difficult.  Given that the good news is that unemployment rate dipped to 5.5% – the bad news is that CIO are now having a harder time finding experienced IT Pros.  In industries ranging from retail to health care to business services, CIOs would be well-advised to look back at how they recruited and … Read More

Fewer Companies Able to Detect a Cyber Breach

Only 31% of organizations discovered IT security compromises through their own resources last year, according to Mandiant. These days, it seems, one of the most important jobs of an IT staff would be to detect a cyber attack. Actually, though, companies are increasingly reliant on third-parties to notify them that their security has been compromised, according to a new report … Read More

An Introduction To DevOps From One Of Its Godfathers

Gene Kim was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug early. In 1992, while still a student at Purdue, Kim co-authored an open source tool called Tripwire, which would become a free software security and data integrity tool useful for monitoring and alerting on specific file changes on a range of systems. Kim would become the Chief Technology Officer of Tripwire, a role he would … Read More

10 Ways CIOs Can Invest Like a CFO, Manage Like a CEO

There’s no question that over the last decade, the CIO’s job has morphed more than any other high-level corporate position. Once it was a leadership position with responsibility for all of a company’s data, computer systems and security. Now, thanks to cloud services, bring- your-own-device (BYOD) and other trends, many of those duties have been carved up and allotted to … Read More

Top 10 Network Security Management Best Practices

Security management best practices – The top 10 network  Security management best practices if not followed expose a company’s assets and reputation to unnecessary risk. 10 Security Management Best Practices This top 10 list is one that has been proven in practice.  NO organization that follows all of them has ever been attacked with their know that an attack is in … Read More

Six Biggest Challenges Facing IT Managers

When it comes to being a boss, there are plenty of scary statistics out there–especially for CIOs. Nearly three out of 10 large IT projects fail. And the average cost overrun on IT projects is 27%, with one out of six IT projects having cost overruns of 200%. To get to the root of the causes behind these and other … Read More