Recruiting IT Pros Harder Now

Recruiting T Pros now is much more difficult.  Given that the good news is that unemployment rate dipped to 5.5% – the bad news is that CIO are now having a harder time finding experienced IT Pros.  In industries ranging from retail to health care to business services, CIOs would be well-advised to look back at how they recruited and retained workers in 2005, when the unemployment rate landed at 5.1%.

Suggestions for keeping a mindset of abundance in an era of scarcity:

  • Focus advertising dollars for targeting job-hunters. CIS need to advertise on the Internet, not only on job boards and social media but also using banner ads, which appear when someone is searching for an IT position.
  • Communicate you are a quality employer. Make the impression that you are a quality firm both in your office to your web presence. You want to work for a place that’s successful and physical and virtual presence are important.
  • Offer benefits that matter most to employees. Health insurance is a big deal to people, it hurts the bottom line in the short term. However IT Pros are more likely to come -and stay – if he or she doesn’t have to switch insurance plans every six months.

Written by Victor Janulatis. To read the full article, click here. For more information on operations and information technology management, please visit us at www.Roxas and follow us everywhere @Roxas Consulting.

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