Six Biggest Challenges Facing IT Managers

When it comes to being a boss, there are plenty of scary statistics out there–especially for CIOs. Nearly three out of 10 large IT projects fail. And the average cost overrun on IT projects is 27%, with one out of six IT projects having cost overruns of 200%. To get to the root of the causes behind these and other leadership issues, APQC has released a survey that lists the biggest challenges within six key management categories: process, performance, change, quality, project, and financial. As for the top challenges faced within those categories? The list includes employee and leadership engagement, benchmark identification, success measurement and performance delivery. If CIOs are to ascend as strategic leaders–as opposed to those who simply oversee tech maintenance–they must carefully examine each challenge and come up with an effective response. APQC is a member-based nonprofit group which helps organizations improve productivity and quality through business benchmarking, best practices and knowledge management. More than 300 business executives took part in the research.

Written by Dennis McCafferty. To read the full article, click here. For more information on operations and information technology management, please visit us at www.Roxas and follow us everywhere @Roxas Consulting.

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