Top 10 Network Security Management Best Practices

Security management best practices – The top 10 network  Security management best practices if not followed expose a company’s assets and reputation to unnecessary risk.

10 Security Management Best Practices

This top 10 list is one that has been proven in practice.  NO organization that follows all of them has ever been attacked with their know that an attack is in progress and can react to it before it becomes a major media event.

  1. Centralize Malware Management
  2. Establish Boundary Control
  3. Centralize Provisioning and Authorization Management
  4. Implement Acceptable Use Policy
  5. Build Security into Applications Starting in the Design Phase
  6. Understand and Implement all Compliance and Audit Requirements
  7. Implement Monitoring and Reporting Processes
  8. Manage security deployment and Infrastructure Processes
  9. Implement Network and Host Defenses
  10. Constantly Validate Network and System Resource Integrity

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